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The Ditsobotla Local Municipality was established through the amalgamation of the former Lichtenburg, Coligny and Biesiesvlei Transitional Councils.Its head office is in Lichtenburg. 

Main industries

Agriculture; mining and quarrying; manufacturing; wholesale and retail trade; financial; insurance, real estate and business services.

Main attractions

Cultural, heritage and agricultural museumsThe burning vlei is a unique vlei consisting of the thick layers of subterrranean peat that burnt for years, creating a rare natural phenomenonThe Lichtenburg Game Breeding CentreEufees and Duch Roode Dams, situated between the CBD and Burgersdorp Molopo Oog/Wondergat

Key facts and figures

Population: 200 141Major towns: Lichtenburg, ColignyRailways: Mafikeng–Johannesburg Airports: Lichtenburg Airfield, Mafikeng Airport.  

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Valuation Roll

Properties were valued to determine the market value, which is based on the ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ concept, as per the Municipal Property Rates Act, which comes into effect on 1 July 2009.  To do this, information from the Deeds Office, that records all sales of property within the country, was used.  All sales from January 2006 to June 2008 were taken into account when Ditsobotla  properties were valuated.

Supplementary Valuation Roll

The municipality must regularly, but at least once a year, update its valuation rolls.  Where changes do not affect value, such as a change in ownership, the roll may simply be amended. But where changes comprise a change in value, change in use or the addition of a property to the roll, a supplementary roll must be prepared and published.

The purpose of the supplementary valuation roll is to give people the opportunity to object to the values assessed in respect of the changed or added properties. A section 49 notice will be posted to each registered property owner whose property appears in a supplementary roll, informing him of the value which has been assessed in respect of the property. Property owners will also have the right to object to entries in the supplementary valuation roll.

The municipality plans to publish its first supplementary valuation roll at the end of May, which will cater for certain properties that have been excluded from the main valuation roll due to current Deeds Office transactions and data issues that needed further confirmation before the value could be finalised. This supplementary valuation roll will be significantly smaller than the general valuation roll, containing in the region of 20000 entries, and will also be effective from 01 July 2009 for rates assessment purposes.

Approximately 16500 objections were received against the general valuation roll that was published in March. These will be referred back to the municipal valuer, who will review the valuation in the light of any additional information provided by the customer, who will be informed in writing of the outcome of this review.

If the customer is still unhappy with the outcomes of this review, then they may lodge an appeal against the valuation and this appeal will be heard by the Valuation Appeal Board, which is a tribunal appointed by the Provincial Government.

Vision of the Municipality

“A developmental municipality dedicated to the social and economic upliftment of its communities” 


Mission Statement

“A developmental municipality dedicated to the social and economic upliftment of its communities” 

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