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Communications Department


The  Unit is responsible for the management of the flow of information between the municipality and all its stakeholders and enhancing the effective and consistent delivery of messages between and within all the strategic business units of the Municipality. The unit is required to develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy based on the local government programme of action and ensures that it is fully implemented at all levels within the Ditsobotla local  Municipality. The strategy should identify priorities for local government communication and should also inform the development of detailed communication programmes by Directorates and strategic business unit. The communications strategy should mainly seek to enhance communication in the whole municipality and ensure free flow of information between the municipality and the internal and external stakeholders. The communication strategy should take into account the needs of society, the developmental objectives of local government and the general empowerment of the communities through information, allow people to form part of the communication process.


Department Head:

Mr. Pius Batsile