Electricity Department

This unit is headed by Mr. William Moserwa and is currently running at 20% of its capacity. The Electricity Department is responsible for the procurement (from Eskom) and distribution of electricity to certain parts of the Ditsobotla Local Municipality - Lichtenberg, Coligny (town only), Shukran, and Blydeville (exts 1, 2 and 3). Eskom ditributes electricty directly to the rest of the Municipality.

The department is also responsible for management of sewer pumps, water pumps, as well as street and traffic lights. It serves about 7,500 industrial, busines and individual customers. Two of the biggest challenges facing this department are -

curbing the scourge of copper cable theft as that negatively impacts on its core mission;the department does not provide its services to the entire municipality, and there are, sometime,s different levels of service offered to residents (depending on where they live)., creating perceptions that the department is less than diligent in providing their services.

Department Head:

Mr. William Moserwa


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